Insitu Rigging specialises in the supply and fitting of yacht rigging and marine accessories, which are high in quality and low in price. We provide rigging systems using conventional wire-rigging and cutting-edge fibre based solutions for all different vessel sizes. We specialize in standing and running rigging however we can customize all of our rigging solutions so that you get the very best for your boat.

Services include:

  • Re-Rigs/Standing Rigging
  • Mast Service/Checking
  • Rig Turning
  • Spicing
  • Wire and Cordage
  • Furling System Installation
  • Mast Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • Leather Work
  • Hydraulic and Hand Swaging
  • Installation of Lazy Jacks
  • Installation of Deck Hardware

Please contact us if you have any further queries or need any other works completed.