Master Shipwrights Marine Surveyors Services: Appraisal Evaluation Inspection, Offshore Consultancy and Setups, Damage Assesments, Corrotion Analysis Reports


Appraisal Evaluation Inspection       Damage Assesments   
This is usually performed to determine a fair market valuation of a vessel when importing a vessel, settling an estate, divorce or legal case.       This survey determines the extent of damage and helps in assessing costs for the repair work. We can then continue to work for you by inspecting that all repair works are carried out properly. If requested we can also advice you on the possible cause of the damage and how to prevent the damage from occurring again.   
Offshore Consultancy and Setups       Corrosion Analysis Reports  
This survey is crucial for the offshore cruiser. The survey ensures that the vessel is sea worthy. It also evaluates the vessel’s capability of performing in a variety of condition that are likely to be encountered in offshore and remote cruising locations. 

We are able to provide expertise consultancy in offshore requirements, rigging safely and cruising inventory set-ups. We can source and ship necessary parts across the Asia and Pacific Regions.


This is a very important type of inspection when galvanic or stray current corrosion is suspected in the destruction of any metalwork located on your vessel.




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