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Weather Information

Boating weather information is provided on the following websites:

Australian Government Burea of Meteorology



Spit Bridge Opening Times

Weekday opening times Weekend & Public Holiday opening times






 9:15pm (during daylight savings only) 










See the RTA's website for more information: 

Spit Bridge Openings



Tide information is provided on the following websites:

NSW Tide Tables

Tide Predictions for Australia


Sydney Boat Show


NSW Maritime


Xaxero Weather Fax System


Useful Contacts

LM Custom Trimmers

Contact Number:   0405 849 365

Location: Cammeray Marina


Atlantic Boat Covers

All Marine Trimming

Contact:  Rory Masters   0459 136 066


Boat Stripes

Contact David Holt 0419 201 946

Moorings and Berths

Get a quote for Moorings and Berths at Cammeray Marina

+61 (02) 9953 4761

Address: 46 Cowdroy Avenue

Cammeray NSW 2062


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